High Probability Selling for Sales Professionals: Turn Cold Calling into

High Probability Selling for Sales Professionals: Turn Cold Calling into Warm Sales Leads

Like most sales lead consultants, I do not advocate cold calling . However, I acknowledge that cold calling is necessary at times.

You need prospective clients and customers: If you don’t have a customer list from which to solicit referrals, and you also lack an advertising/marketing budget, cold-calling to a highly targeted list is the fastest route to finding high probability prospects.

A High Probability Prospect is one who wants, needs, can afford, and is ready to buy your product or service- now. Those who only want, need, and can afford- but are not ready to buy now- are prospects that you will not meet with now. But, you will continue to contact in the future, until they are ready to buy.

How does Cold Calling fit into High Probability Prospecting?

Before picking up the phone, you need to define your target market. Your target markets are consumers and/or companies who are likely to want your product or service. If you haven’t gone through the exercise of defining your target market, start by making a list of your best customers: What characteristics do they share? Are they in similar industries? Are they companies of about the same size, or in the same vertical markets? In B2C sales, look for similar socio-economic factors.

Your prospect list, whether you’ve created it yourself or purchased it, is the basis of your prospecting campaign. Contact each person on the list repeatedly, each time with a different offer. In High Probability Prospecting, an offer is a succinct distillation of two features of your product or service. Every time you re-contact a prospect, present a different offer.

When call your list, only first-time calls are cold calls in High Probability Prospecting. A truly effective prospecting campaign requires that you call the same list every 3 to 4 weeks, so after a short period of time, most of your calls will be ‘warm’ calls. A higher percentage of the people on your list will say “Yes” to your prospecting offer with each successive call.

5 Simple rules for maximum effectiveness and maximum efficiency:

  1. Don’t repeat the same prospecting offer more frequently than every third call.
  2. Your offer must be no longer than 45 words, describing your product/service and mentioning two if its features.
  3. Your prospecting offer must clearly request a “Yes” or “No” answer.
  4. When prospects say “No,” you say, “Okay, good-bye.”
  5. When prospects say “Yes,” you say, “Why?”

With practice, you should be able to make at least 50 dials per hour. You’ll find an increasing number of High Probability Prospects- people who respond with ‘Yes’ to your offer- with each pass through your list. You’ll be on your way to making appointments with people who are ready to buy what you’re selling- right now.

High Probability Prospecting doesn’t eliminate cold-calling entirely. You will, however, make successively fewer Cold Calls and far more “Warm Calls”. That will eliminate most of the Rejection associated with cold-calling. Thus, you will turn telephone prospecting into an efficient and enjoyable activity.

Is there no real Data Entry Opportunities Online today?

Hi Friend,

Its has been 4 years since I started my home business. As like most of new home business seekers I started it looking for a Data Entry Job and like 98% of them I ended up in a Scam losing $50 in the process. Well the amount may not seem to be much but the experience I gained from it was priceless If anything seems too good to be true, it most probably is.

Now a days the internet is all covered up with getting paid for Data Entry Scams anywhere you look you will encounter an add saying Make $1000 per day from the comfort of your home working just 30 Mins a day. To a bit experienced people it is a sure shot call of a Scam but to online newbies like me 4 years ago it looked like the best opportunity I could come across. I am not saying that such programs do not work. Sometimes they do. Here is a brief dexcription how they work –

What they do is they will take a one time fee from you to give a tutorial to you explaining how to post similar ads like those you responded to online. The catch is you sell on their behalf and may make money or you may not! And also its quick money and not a long term security.

So now, answering the question If there are still genuine legitimate online data entry jobs out there I would say yes there are! But you will have to know the right place to look for it. The best place to begin are free lance opportunities. There are places like Elance and Contracted Work which posts the requirement of people who require data entry operators on contract basis and there is always a legitimate Data Entry Job available there! Start from such places and once you get some recognition requests just come pouring in. Who knows you may also start your own successful data entry company some day!!! All you have to do is just hang in to it.

Debt Consolidation When Should You Consolidate

Exactly when is the right time to consolidate anyway? You hear a lot of debt consolidation pitches. You read about the benefits of debt consolidation. Does this mean you should consolidate because experts say its good for your finances? This article will try to shed light on when debt consolidation is called for.

Should you consolidate because you have multiple debts?

Not necessarily. Definitely, a necessary condition for debt consolidation is the existence of multiple debts. However, you dont have to consolidate your loans just because you have a lot of loans. If youre not finding it hard to cope with your loans, then you may go on as you are doing though, of course, you may think of restructuring your loans and paying some off just so you can get the best rates and terms possible.

Should you consolidate when you are receiving credit collection calls?

Yes, you should begin looking at debt consolidation options when you are already receiving collection calls. Credit collection agents are some of the most persistent personnel in the world. After all, most of them get paid through commission. Thus, theyre deeply committed to making you pay. Unscrupulous debt collectors would even begin harassing you just so youd e bugged enough to make a payment.

If youre at this advanced stage, the best way would be to approach a reputable debt consolidation agency. There are debt consolidating agents who will let you consult for free, and they can certainly help you sort through your financial problems. However, going to a professional debt consolidation agency will give you more options such as in-house debt financing. If they dont offer in-house loans, they can still find you a good debt consolidation loan and even negotiate your current loans with your creditors.

However, do take note that this type of debt consolidation has repercussions on your credit record. However, this professionally guided debt consolidation option is best if you truly need help with your financial problems.

Whens the perfect time for debt consolidation?

It is when you are finding it hard to cope with your loans that you should consolidate. Ask yourself the following questions:

1.Do you have more than two loans?
2.Do you get confused about your various loans monthly due dates?
3.Do you have to keep calling customer service to ascertain interest rates?
4.Have you missed one or more due dates because of a payment mistake (i.e. you sent payment for one loan to the wrong creditor)?
5.Have you defaulted on one or more of your loans?
6.Are you paying mostly interest and not making headway on your principal?
7.Are you finding it difficult to meet minimum dues?
8.Are you sending out at least one check every week?

If you answered YES to all or almost all of the questions above, then you may have a problem brewing on your hands. This is the perfect time for debt consolidation when the problem is at its early stages. At this point, you can obtain a secured loan (say home equity loan) and use the proceeds to pay of every single loan you have. This will not have an adverse impact on your credit record in fact, it may even enhance it.

Simply put, the right time for debt consolidation would be when youre having problems coping with multiple debts but are still in control of your finances.

What You Should Know Before You Outsource Your Project

When it comes to what you should know before you outsource your project, you must first know what it means to outsource. When you outsource a project, you are bringing in another person or company to do the work for you. This occurs in a variety of fields, depending on the companys needs. When a company chooses to outsource it usually means a few different things. First, it may mean that they simply do not have the time for that specific project, maybe they have found themselves overwhelmed with work. It may also mean they do not have the capabilities to perform that specific function. Both of these reasons are common reasons why a company would choose to outsource a project.

When you have made the decision that your company must outsource a project, there are a few things you must know. First, you will need a clear and defined outlook on every aspect entailed in the project. No matter what type of project it is, if you choose to outsource, you must have all information readily available for the contractor. Your next step is to find and identify a contractor that is appropriate for the project you have in mind. For example, if your project is a complete web site, you will need to outsource to a contractor that is well versed in all areas of site design from graphics to scripting and everything in between.

Once you have found one or more contractors, interview and screen them with extreme care. All business you outsource is a direct reflection on you and your company and not the contractor per se. Make sure the chosen outsource contractor can provide you with an adequate amount of references and a solid portfolio of accomplishments. Speak with the contractors about their goals and the philosophy of their business. You should also obtain proposals from the contractors outlining all potential timelines, charges, and fees.

When you outsource a project, you are choosing to place your trust, time, and money in someone you do not necessarily know personally. Therefore, you must use extreme care and use all your investigative skills in finding the appropriate contractor to outsource your project. It is important to look closely at a few different contractors and outsource your project to the one that can provide you with the best quality product within your time frame and within your budget as well.

Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as no changes are made, and the entire resource box is included.

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